Know Your Steroid -Avoid Side Effects

Fitness is the modern day funda. Infact, it has become lifestyle symbol for many. It has also got fancy names like six pack, eight pack, zero size etc. To stand up to the standards, people are taking p various means including steroids, something which was only permitted to sports people earlier. Well, it is not a bad idea to identify various means of staying fit particularly using steroids but the ultimate factor lies in drawing fine line between what is good and what is bad. For example, popular steroids like Dianabol should be taken in to consideration to enjoy optimum health benefits.

Basic facts of Dianabol

  • It is a popular anabolic steroid which also has minimum androgenic properties.
  • It provides anabolic relief and ensures good growth of muscle mass which is a result of its androgenic properties.
  • It aids synthesis of protein and increases nitrogen retention.
  • It helps in giving relief to the body after strenuous work out and relieves muscles from tiredness.
  • It provides relief to insomnia and aids better sleep.
  • It is also used in treatment of asthma, arthritis and breast cancer.
  • The active ingredients in the steroid like Titanium dioxide also help in treating body injuries and quick recovery post accidents.
  • A small dose of 5 mg daily showed marvelous results and kept it an all-time favorite among body builders.
  • It can be used as a bulk in combination with other steroids to maximize benefits.

What can we do?

  • Avoid using it just before any contest to keep any possible side effects at bay.
  • It is advisable to use it with prescription although it is available without prescription.
  • Prolonged use of the steroid causes liver toxicity. So better to limit it to few weeks.
  • Take a complete checkup of your body to understand how the steroid works on your body.

A careful observation of the review reveals that follow a strict healthy diet with good exercise routine and taking the steroid as when required in moderate quantity is always beneficial.